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Henna for eyebrows 12 capsules (5 g.)

Lovely henna for eyebrows has unique ingredients and has an ultra-long effect. It is comfortable and easy to use, it has 4 the most popular natural shades: Black Morion, Dark Brown Intense, Royal Brown, Brown Topaz. Those shades can be used individually or mixed.
Henna Lovely is available in capsule form.
Each capsule has a unique "lock", which helps to preserve the henna ingredient and ensure a comfortable dyeing procedure.
After using, Henna Lovely stays on the skin for 7-14 days and up to 6 weeks on the hair.
With its help, eyebrows will get the desired shape and color.
The set includes a handy plastic cup.

Package option: 12 capsules (5g)

Henna for eyebrows 12 capsules (5 g.)

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